Comedian. Magician. Entertainer. AUTHOR.

Lon Cerel, the "world's fastest balloon animal maker," has written a how-to for all of us who wish we could make poodles, elephants, and such out of balloons the way Lon and some of his fellow artists do.

Here, in a highly-illustrated book that captures the fun of Cerel's standup comedy-with-magic-and-ballooning act, are step-by-step instructions covering everything from how to correctly inflate the balloon without inflating your cheeks, through numerous rubber creatures, all the way to a few hats you can actually wear if you don't mind being made fun of.

Featuring a "Forewarned" by the inimitable Henny Youngman, Cerel's book comes with a coupon for 20 free balloons to get you started.

The book also features easy-to-understand illustrations cover to cover for all of the balloon sculptures. All illustrations by Garry Kashuk and cover design by Kevin Sullivan.

Lon Cerel's How To Blow Up Animals: A Beginner's Guide to Fun with Balloons makes a great birthday gift, anniversary present, or the perfect gift for that person who has everything!

All books are $8.99.

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