Give your child the gift of magic
for his or her next birthday.

Your birthday child is the star of this show! Lon Cerel will bring magic, comedy and amazement to your home or party place. Lon will leave your guests talking about your party for a long time!

Make your next birthday celebration the one to remember!


Here are a few ideas, culled from my 25 years experience as a professional family entertainer. I hope they will help you in running a successful party, without letting it run you ragged! If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck and above all, have fun!
- Lon Cerel

What makes a Birthday Child Cry?
1. Too much anticipation ahead of time.
2. Too much confusion at the party.
3. Too many other children sharing toys - (put special toys away ahead of time).
4. Too many misconceptions - (that the birthday child will win every game - that everyone will do what he or she wants - that the birthday child will get all of the attention).
Helpful Birthday Party Hints
1. Have your child help you plan the party. This way your child will know what is happening and will be less apt to have unrealistic expectations.
2. Important: Tie balloons outside your door so guests will easily recognize where you live.
3. Serve food and drinks children like. Don't get fancy. If you are worried about spills, serve Sprite or Ginger Ale. They are less likely to stain.
4. If games are to be played, choose games that the children already know how to play. Ask your child's teacher which games are favorites. If prizes are to awarded, it's okay to let the "winner" receive theirs first, and then have matching "prizes" for everyone, i.e. everyone is a winner!
5. Make sure the first person chosen to be "it" in games is the birthday child.
6. Remember that not all children have to play all the games. Some children prefer to watch or play with toys. That's okay. Don't be a tyrant.
7. Don't just give out treat bags. Have the children hunt for them. It is more fun that way, and it takes up more time.
8. Be ready for parents coming to pick up their children on time. Have the last game end with putting on coats or getting treat bags.
9. If you like, send thank-you notes to each child at the party. Make a list when presents are being opened or ask another grownup to keep track.
And Finally...
When the party is all over, you can realistically expect that the birthday child will feel let down and you will feel a little dazed, if not a little traumatized. This is a good time to sit down with the birthday child and look over the new presents, play a game or read a book together. You might even want to save one of your presents to give to the child at this time.

Another good idea is to invite one guest to stay later so that the sudden departure of friends doesn't seem so abrupt.

Whether you are using my services or not, please remember to hire your entertainment early. The entertainment should be a part of the initial planning stages of your party. Even though most professional entertainers are happy to work around your schedule, they also have to work around previously booked performances and allow sufficient travel time.
Make sure that your directions to the party
are clear, accurate and complete.

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